Crash course in J2150

Entering J2150, I had little to no experience with twitter and digital photography. This stands in contrast with my natural abilities in utilizing technology.

I was not specifically impressed when I first heard of Twitter. It did not seem like something that I would use, and seemed like a platform like Facebook to voice minor thoughts and things about your day, but in a format that encouraged frequency.

After setting up my own Twitter, I can see how it can be a platform for fast paced information, some of which can be rather important.

There are over 500 million users on twitter, an insane amount of people all with information, and access to a way to quickly distribute this information globally. I can see how a news reporter would benefit greatly from the constant, and timely, inflow of news from many sources.

I can also see how this could present a problem, if a reporter were to take the information provided by an individual as fact, when it indeed was not.

Twitter should be used as an enhancement, and a initiator for news work but not quite as a legitimate source.

Even with the possible issues that could arise Twitter, and other social
media, is drastically affecting the landscape of news.

Twitter is used by journalists in countless ways. They can communicate with their audience, broaden their audience, receive story ideas, and give their readers some transparency to their process.

In the near future, I plan to keep a close eye on my Twitter feed to keep myself informed of story ideas, to get a grasp on ongoing events, and to see how news stories can develop so I can apply this to my future career.


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