Knee deep in A/V

We are currently exploring the deep and vast world of Photoshop, Audacity and any related programs. I am thoroughly enjoying the experience, but the pace at which this 6 week course progresses is often daunting.

Photoshop is used to manipulate photographs very frequently, even more so than you would believe. Even if the photograph is meant to retain it’s original subject and message, the picture is most often manipulated to increase its visual appeal, even if it is unnatural.

We can definitely see how this could become problematic, and start to subtlety bias the public’s perception. There are countless examples of times when the Photoshopping of an image is a little overdone, often causing confusion.

The media must diligently watch their use of Photoshop to make sure that they are using it justly, and not distorting or slanting the way an audience will perceive the photograph, and what truly happened.

Another huge theme this week was over Audio manipulation, specifically with Audacity. I have had much more experience with audio editing than with photo editing, so I was fairly relieved to be on this subject. Audio can really make or break any video or slideshow that it accompanies. You have to be extremely careful and expect many problem DURING the actual recording of the audio. Audacity and other audio programs can help correct some problems, but a lot of times, bad audio is just bad audio.

This week, I will be visiting Targetmasters gun shop and shooting range to record audio for my final project, and A/V slideshow.

I am very excited to record at the shop because of the very interesting ambient sound one encounters at a shooting range. There are sounds of guns cocking, weapons firing, casings bouncing off the cement, and people exclaiming in a powerful wind of excitement.

Usually, you have to wear ear protective gear to muffle the damaging sounds of these weapons so I find it fascinating that we get to record the sound in its entirety to use in our project.

I am getting quite excited to get there and record this week, and hopefully will leave with equally as exciting audio to use in capturing my audience.

Everyone have a great, productive week.


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