Climbing the Tech ladder

This week, I have done a lot of interesting work with a few different devices I have no previously operated, at least in a serious manner.

Earlier in the week I had to go to Targetmasters, a gun shop I am profiling for J2150.

My main objective was to capture captivating audio to create an audio slideshow.

Believe me when I say that getting a gun shop owner, or employee, to discuss their opinions on gun control is not a difficult task. In fact, gathering a lengthy amount of information was quite simple and required very little work.

The difficulty encountered was in capturing natural, ambient sound to fill out my project and make it more engrossing.

I decided on recording customer entrance, shell casing ricochets, and gunshots. (I was fortunate to have the topic featuring a gun shop)

The audio equipment, was not very hard to operate. I only had a problem with background noise.

For the future, I have found multiple ways to reduce background noise. Background noise can be edited out in audio manipulation software after recording.

I also need to take proper measures to prevent background noise such as asking for a repeat of interrupted audio, unplugging electronics, and using a wind cover for mics.

I am looking forward to shooting video for the rest of my project this week


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