Since last week

This week, I shot the video for my final project and had 3 obvious problems.

The first problem was using the tripod. Before going out to use it, I was under the impression this was a foolproof, easy to use, stick that would flawlessly keep my camera 100% still. I was quite wrong and can say that I had a lot of trouble with mine. It seemed that after I set up for a shot, my tripod was wobbling for about 4-6 seconds until it decided to retain its position correctly. Next time, when using a new component, I will review links like this to try and gain perspective before taking the device onto the field.

My second complaint is the horrible microphone that came with the video camera and its clear incapability that harmed my project. After last week, recording audio with the Zoom, I thought that this microphone was going to be fairly easy to use. In retrospect, it was very easy to USE, but the audio I gathered was miserable. I was under the impression that I wouldn’t have to be stroking my interviewee’s face with the microphone to gain good sounding audio. I also was puzzled on why the microphone made a gargantuan, explosive sound whenever a mouth breathed in a nearby room. I would have hated to be recording outside where the wind flows freely.

The editing software was not very difficult to use but there were things about it I despised. I used Premiere Elements by Adobe. The main complaint I had was how the clips all stayed on the timeline and reordered themselves when  I would change a separate clip on the timeline. I’m sure with further use, I would understand how to better use the program. I know what book I would purchase

I hope everyone has a fantastic week, and until the next…


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