Wrap up

This class has taught me a lot about my future career in journalism.

Everyone in my class, and my instructor, worked very hard, and contributed a lot of insight into the work we produced, and what defined its quality.

The most enjoyable project for me was the audio slideshow. Audio, and interviews are very interesting and easy to capture. I also extremely enjoy audio editing software in comparison to the other editing programs.

My least favorite project was the video project because I felt like I wasn’t as aware of how to shoot good b-roll. This will be something I think about in the future. It is much better to have way too much than not enough at all. I also had trouble recording with the video camera microphone.

My favorite part of the class was the class discussion of projects. I thought the varying perspectives were very interesting and held people accountable to their work.

My least favorite part of the class was the blog and twitter, simply because I had trouble remembering to do them because of their irrelevance to the final project.

The main thing I will take from the class is the concept of viewing things through your audience’s eyes, and how to accept criticism.


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