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Wrap up

This class has taught me a lot about my future career in journalism. Everyone in my class, and my instructor, worked very hard, and contributed a lot of insight into the work we produced, and what defined its quality. The most enjoyable project for me was the audio slideshow. Audio, and interviews are very interesting […]

Since last week

This week, I shot the video for my final project and had 3 obvious problems. The first problem was using the tripod. Before going out to use it, I was under the impression this was a foolproof, easy to use, stick that would flawlessly keep my camera 100% still. I was quite wrong and can […]

Climbing the Tech ladder

This week, I have done a lot of interesting work with a few different devices I have no previously operated, at least in a serious manner. Earlier in the week I had to go to Targetmasters, a gun shop I am profiling for J2150. My main objective was to capture captivating audio to create an […]

Knee deep in A/V

We are currently exploring the deep and vast world of Photoshop, Audacity and any related programs. I am thoroughly enjoying the experience, but the pace at which this 6 week course progresses is often daunting. Photoshop is used to manipulate photographs very frequently, even more so than you would believe. Even if the photograph is […]

Crash course in J2150

Entering J2150, I had little to no experience with twitter and digital photography. This stands in contrast with my natural abilities in utilizing technology. I was not specifically impressed when I first heard of Twitter. It did not seem like something that I would use, and seemed like a platform like Facebook to voice minor […]